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Clip Planes


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Trimble Connect Web


For views, clipping the plane is a very useful tool. It helps in cutting the plane to get better understanding on the model. When a 3d model is opened in the viewer, sectioning tool helps in clipping the model. 

Click  to carve out the plane and create a view which can further be used for creating ToDos. Sectioning can be done both vertically and horizontally.


Trimble Connect Desktop

You can add clip planes to focus on required details in the model. A clip plane cuts away a portion of the model along a plane that you select. Clip planes do not remove objects from the models, they just determine what is displayed in the 3D view. You can create up to 8 clip planes.


Add a clip plane

  1. On the 3D view toolbar, click .
  2. Snap to an object.
    Trimble Connect displays the orientation of the clip plane.
  3. Click the object to set the clip plane.
    A clip plane symbol  appears.
  4. To move a clip plane, drag a clip plane symbol to a new location.

Delete a clip plane
Do one of the following:

  • Click the clip plane symbol and press Delete.
  • Click the clip plane symbol, right-click and select Remove.

Delete all clip planes
On the 3D view toolbar, click .
All the clip planes are deleted in the active view. The saved views retain their clip planes.



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