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Release Notes - December 09 2015

New Features

- Restore deleted objects: Files and folders
- API v2: Release
- Uploading same file after delete should restore






- Rename activity isn't informative enough
- APIs : Issues in Release APIs
- ToDo - Move Create ToDo button to top bar of middle panel and add update ToDo button in left panel when ToDo accordion is selected
- Release, Snapshots, Clashsets - Comment added activity shows edited comment.





- ToDo Tab - The Selection is not remembered in todo page when we switch between different tabs
- Export to BCF message should be changed if we select only deleted ToDo. The BCF is getting dowloaded also.
- Clash visualizations are displayed with an offset
- Projects / Folders / Files / Groups / Clashsets / Snapshots / Todos / Releases : Names are not validated according to OS supported rules
- Manually entering the due date and hit on enter shows Blank due date in the right panel
- Todo: update todo not working
- Public v2.0 API : Create view API response contains JsonNull objects
- Email settings : user is able to select the Daily Digest check box even though "Allow users to customize email notification" check box is not checked
- Views, Clashes: While sharing view/Clash, which has more than one model, the email link does not open the object properly. The email link has only one object Id
- Exception with SQL query exposed for invalid project start/end date
- Public v2.0 API : Comments - first name, last name missing in mini representation
- Clash v2 API: Exception is thrown when user tries get list of clash-items from the clash created by self
- Wrong user mini object format for comments responses
- Two 'More' options seen at data page
- Multiple user invite fails
- 3D Viewer: Unselecting all elements should display default text on right panel
- Folder deletion activity is not working for user.
- Permission info in right panel is not visible
- 3Dviewer: NPE while saving alignment values by a user other than the user who uploaded the file
- Download is not working after restored the folder that was previously moved to parent.
- Download is not working after restored the folder in renamed parent.
- 2D viewer fails after disabling the browser's default PDF viewer plugin
- Sub folder creation fails after restore and downloading the parent folder
- [USER] Non-Existing User Invited Gets Random User Name in Activity Page
- Restore folders NOT working
- Inviting new user the names and id gets overridden in the existing user.
- Authenticated user is different from the one who logged in.



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