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Set Folder Permissions

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Folder Permisions
Multiple groups can work on one project in Trimble Connect. With folder permissions, visibility of folders can be restricted based on groups or individual user accounts.

Three types of permissions can be implied:

  • Full Access
  • Read Only
  • No Access

Note: Only the project administrator can change folder permissions.

Changing Folder Permissions

  1. To change folder permissions, select a folder from the "Data" tab and click the "More" icon in the Viewer toolbar.
  2. Select "Folder Permissions" drop down list.
  3. The first option is to set permissions for everyone, for the chosen folder.
  4. Permissions can also be set for a particular user or group. Just type the user's name or the group name, select the type of permission and click "Submit".

Viewing Permissions

  1. Permissions can be viewed under the permissions tab when a folder is selected.
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