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Upload Download and Sync Files


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Trimble Connect Web

Upload Download and Sync Files

Trimble Connect makes it easy to upload and download files to a secure and central location.  The files and folders can be kept in sync with Trimble Connect using Sync.

Files can be uploaded to Trimble Connect directly from Sketchup and Revit:

Upload Files

  1. From the Data tab, select the folder where the file(s) should be uploaded to: 
  2. Start the upload process by clicking on the upload button.
  3. Use the Browse button to select the desired file(s) to be uploaded:
  4. Select the desired file(s) and click the Open button.  Once Open has been selected, the file(s) will begin to upload:
  5. Click Close when the files have been uploaded.

Download Files

  1. From the "Data" tab of a project, select the checkbox associated with the files/folders that are going to be downloaded:
  2. Use the download button from the "Data" tab.
  3. A ZIP file will be downloaded containing the files/folders that were selected to be downloaded.

Sync Files
Sync files to and from Trimble Connect and your PC using the Sync tool.

Trimble Connect Desktop

Add A New File To The Project
On the Data tab, in the Explorer pane:

  1. Select a folder where you want to add a file.
  2. Click , or right-click and select Add file.
  3. Browse for the file you want to add.  If the selected file is a model, the model will be added to the Models pane.

Create a New Folder to the Project
On the Data tab, in the Explorer pane:

  1. Click , or right-click and select Create folder.
  2. Type a name for the folder.
  3. Click Create folder.

Upload and Download Files and Folders to and from the Server
On the Data tab, in the Explorer pane, click the symbol next to the model or file to upload the model or file to the server or download the model or file from the server.

  • A file that has not yet been uploaded to the server gets the  icon.
  • A file that has not yet been downloaded from the server gets the  icon.
  • A file that is up-to-date both locally and on the server gets the  icon.
  • A file that has been removed from the server gets the  icon. You can then delete the local version of the file.You can remove files from the server only if you are the administrator of the project.
  • If you want to download all models from the server at one go, click , or right-click in a folder and select Download models.

Trimble Connect Mobile

After selecting the project from the listing page, the Project Dashboard will load. On this tab, project details will be available along with team members. The locally downloaded data such as files, ToDo's, etc. can be deleted by clicking on the delete icon . The sync icon  refreshes the project artifacts such as the file list, ToDos, Views, etc. so that the latest data is sync'd from the cloud.

Tap the Data tab to view files/folders of the project.  


The Data tab will show all folders from the project. To see the content of the folder tap and all files from that folder will be shown. Select the files to be viewed, tap the download icon  and the selected files will be downloaded on the device.

Download progress and history can be seen by touching  icon. Once the files got downloaded, models will be available for viewing in the 3D viewer. Download success will be confirmed with  next to file name.


View supported file types here - Supported File Types

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