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TID and Legacy Passwords

Trimble Connect now uses a unified login system called Trimble Identification, otherwise known as TID.  This change may cause confusion as to whether legacy user credentials (e-mail/password used before TID) or TID login credentials should be used to log into Trimble Connect and other integrated systems.  This article will explain what login credentials to use.

  1. TID - The credentials created for TID should be used in the web application here - Most users will only need to use their TID login credentials. There are two ways a user can reset or change their password:
    • Forgot Password Link - The "Forgot Password?" link is located on the login page here -
    • Profile page - A user can change their password from the profile page. Simply click the "User" logo and select Profile:
  2. Legacy - With other Trimble systems that are not yet TID enabled, the legacy login credentials are used.  The password can be reset here:,forgotpassword


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