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Managing User Groups

Trimble Connect Web

User Groups

The Team page will list all users and groups associated with the project.  The groups will be listed on the left and the users on the right.  When clicking on a particular group, users that belong to that group will be listed on the right.

Create Group

  • Only an administrator is able to create user groups in a project. Click the Create Group icon, enter the group name and click Submit.

Edit Group Name

  • Group names can only be edited by an administrator. Click the Edit Group icon and click on Submit.

Add Users to a Group

  • Select the users that need to be added to a group and click on the Edit Group icon.  Select the group(s) that you want to add the users to and click on Submit.

Delete Group

  • Select a group and click the Delete Group icon.  Confirm the deletion and the group will be removed.
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