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Creating A Project


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Trimble Connect Web

Creating A Project

  1. Once logged into Trimble Connect, click on the New Project icon at the top left of the screen.
  2. After clicking on the icon, you'll be prompted to enter the project name, project image, project location and other optional details.  
  3. Project Location:
    The Project Location setting is important as we have our servers in three different regions to increase performance for customers located all over the world.  Please chose the region closest to you.  The servers are located at the following regions:

    • North America
    • Europe
    • Asia Pacific
  4. Click on the Submit icon and your project will be ready to use.

Trimble Connect Desktop


Creating A Project

  1. Click  the button.
  2. Type a name for the project and select the region.
  3. Click Create project.
  • The project is automatically uploaded to the server but it is not visible to anyone else than the creator of the project before other project members have been added. The project has a check mark  next to it.
  • Note that the models and files included in the project are not uploaded automatically when the project is uploaded. You need to separately upload the models and files on the Data tab.
  • If the project exists only locally and it has not yet been uploaded to the server, the project has an ascending arrow  next to it. You can upload the project by clicking the arrow. This arrow is typically shown only if you create the project when you are working offline.
  • If the project exists only on the server, the project has a descending arrow next to it. You can download the project by clicking the arrow.
  • If a project has been deleted on the server, the project has a warning sign , and your local version of the project will also be deleted.
  • If Desktop application loses the Internet connection, It goes to offline mode. A warning sign  is shown instead of a check mark  next to a project. All changes are synchronized when the Internet connection is available again.

Note : On the Projects tab, click  to sort the projects based on the project server location. 

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