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Trimble Connect for Revit

With the Revit Add-in, you'll be able to upload .RVT files to Trimble Connect from within Autodesk Revit. This will allow you to view models on the Trimble Connect platform.

Getting Started

To get started you will need to download the Trimble Connect Revit Add-in.  The Revit Add-in can be downloaded in the Trimble Connect App Store along with other Trimble Connect apps.

The Trimble Connect App Store can be accessed while logged in Trimble Connect by clicking the App Store icon in the top right corner.

You can find more information on the App Store here 

Installing the Revit Add-in

  1. Launch the setup.exe file in the folder where you saved the Revit Add-in.
  2. Once setup is launched, proceed with the installation process.
  3. Once you have finished installing the Revit Add-in, you'll be able to login using a username and password.

Using the Revit Add-in

The Revit Add-in is used within the native Revit program. The Revit Add-in allows for the uploading of .RVT files directly from the Revit program to the Trimble Connect platform. These are the steps on how to use the Revit Add-in:

  1. Launch Revit and open up a project. Select the “Add-Ins” tab from the top of the Revit program.
  1. Under the “Add-Ins” tab, the Revit Add-in will appear. Click on the File Uploader icon to login to the Revit Add-in.

  1. Enter your Trimble Connect e-mail address and password.
  2. Then simply click on Sign In.

  1. The Revit Add-in will then load the Trimble Connect project directory listing. Double click on the folder that you want to upload the Revit file to:
  1. Select “Upload” once the folder has been selected and the uploading process will begin.
  2. Once the process is finished, you can then go back to the Trimble Connect platform and view the .RVT file.

Revit Views
All objects will be shown in Trimble Connect as shown in the views described.

  • Default View
    The view that is visible in Trimble Connect by default is the Revit "Default" view.

  • Trimble Connect View
    A custom view can also be created and uploaded to Trimble Connect.  To do this, simply create a custom view in Revit then name it Trimble Connect.

Shared Coordinates
The Revit Add-in supports shared coordinates, which by default is enabled.  This setting can be changed from within the Revit Add-in.

  1. Click on the Preferences link at the bottom left of the Revit Add-in.

  2. Click on Upload Settings on the Preferences screen.

  3. Click on Save and proceed to login to the Revit Add-in.
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  • Avatar
    Chris Keyack

    Can revit files be manually uploaded through the web interface or Synch tool rather than using the plugin? Or do we have to publish via the Revit plugin?

  • Avatar
    System Admin, Connect Support

    They can be uploaded directly with web UI or sync. However 3D view is only supported by using the add-in in Revit.