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Release Notes - February 26 2015


  • Add snapshots to a ToDo
  • Clicking on a Release in Activity opens it in Data
  • Activity feed for files removed from a ToDo or Release
  • User's API key in Profile
  • Add and view comments in Snapshots, Clashsets and Releases
  • Reset filters in Activity, Search, Snapshots, Clashsets and ToDo
  • Revit plug-in support for Revit 2015 - BETA
  • Revit plug-in support for 'Edit Type' properties - BETA
  • Add comment on Snapshots, Clashsets and Releases
  • List of comments for Snapshots, Clashsets and Releases
  • Server API Calls for:
    • Invite user to project
    • List of project users
    • Set role in Project (Admin only)
    • Set/Update folder permissions (Admin only)
    • Edit/Send Release (Open Release only)
    • Add files to Release (Open Release only)
    • Remove files from Release (Open Release only)
    • Delete Release (Open Release only)
    • Invite user to a project
    • Remove user from a project (Admin only) 
    • Create Group (Admin only)
    • Add users to a Group
    • Edit Group (Admin only)
    • Delete Group (Admin only)
    • List Groups
    • List users in a Group


  • Adding user to Groups
  • Selecting multiple teams
  • Exporting BCF
  • Responsive page for sign up and login


  • Project in Europe region fixes
  • File Assimilation Issues
  • 3D Viewer fixes
  • ToDo fixes
  • Activity fixes
  • Release fixes
  • Project Settings fixes
  • Firefox and Internet Explorer Issues
  • Signup/Login fixes
  • Search fixes
  • Sketchup file fixes
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